Turkey to give education for 309 Somali students

Students from Somalia affected by the famine that is currently widespread in the country will have the opportunity to study in Turkey and a chance at a better life thanks to Turkish charity Kimse Yok Mu.

Somali Education Minister Ahmet Eydid Ibrahim arrived in Istanbul on Wednesday accompanied by 309 students that have been given this luxurious opportunity. On arrival Ibrahim thanked the Turkish people and Turkish government for their continued support to the Somali cause.

Public Relations Coordinator of Kimse Yok Mu, Mevlut Ozkisi, stated that the reason for the Somali students coming to Turkey is to gain a better education which will in turn benefit Somalia and the development of Somalia. Ozkisi said that Turkey’s aim is to provide 500 students from Somalia with an education in Turkey.

This latest development of Turkey providing kids in Somalia with an education is just the latest of numerous Turkish efforts to help the Somali people who are in need. Turkey recently launched a campaign which has seen the country undertake unprecedented efforts in providing Somalia with relieve from the worst drought that has hit Africa for more than 60 years. So far the Turkish people have donated more than 500 million Turkish Lira and provided food to more than 12 million people in Somalia, aswell as built hospitals and providing aid for stricken Somali kids. Turkey has really led the way in helping Somalia whilst other countries should stand up and take notice and follow suit.

2 Responses to “Turkey to give education for 309 Somali students”
  1. Ayan says:

    I am exceptionally pleased with the Turkish government’s involvement to help and develop my homeland and its people. I am a Somali –British with a dream of one day returning to my country after 20yrs of absence. I am more optimistic of my dream becoming a reality …thanks to Turkey

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