Turks in Germany look to return to Turkey

Deputy Chairman of the Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nihat Sorgec has revealed that German officials are extremely concerned that Turkish academics in Germany will return to Turkey in the future.

Sorgec said: “Germany is worried about this. The exodus of thousands of Turkish academics from Germany to Turkey is being anxiously followed by officials. A person’s education costs 200,000 euros in Germany. German officials are looking for a solution to prevent people whom it trained at great expense from returning to Turkey. Well educated Turks who were born and grew up in Germany want to leave the country.”

Currently there is estimated to be 2.5 million Turkish people living in Germany. Of these people, figures have shown that 550,000 are currently employed while 150,000 are unemployed figures from the General Directorate of Foreign Relations show.

Sorgec stated that in Turkey there are approximately 4,600 German firms that operate and currently employ around 100,000 people.

Germany and Turkey enjoy a close relationship with many Turkish people living in Germany. With the recent development and growth of Turkey and the economic advantages in Turkey, it seems as though more and more people want to return home to Turkey where it could be argued that there is a better chance to prosper as Turkey becomes a real force in the region.

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