Turkish Airlines to offer live TV and internet services during flights

The national air carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines has revealed that the company is to now offer new services such as live TV and internet access for passengers of the airline.

A Panasonic Avionics Corporation developed Global Communication Suite (GCS) will be developed and incorporated in to the current system aboard the Turkish Airlines planes.

The first live television shows to be broadcast on Turkish Airlines flights are to be BBC World, BBC Arabic, and Euronews. This will be followed shortly by other Turkish television channels and sports channels.

The first step for internet aboard the planes will see passengers being able to go online via screens on the back of each seat on the plane. Once this has been established the airline has plans to introduce wireless internet, allowing passengers free range access to internet during their flights.

Turkish Airlines is one of the biggest flight carriers to and from Turkey. The airline is currently expanding and growing like never before. This year Turkish Airlines became the official sponsor to football giants Barcelona and Manchester United, ensuring that players from two of the biggest football teams in the world will fly aboard a Turkish Airlines plane.

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