Turkey nears target in project for children’s rights

Turkey’s Family and Social Policy Minister, Fatma Sahin has stated that Turkey is closing in on its target to provide more rights for children with more than 4,000 orphanage homes being established for children who are not cared for or currently without any family in Turkey.

Sahin stated that a total of 2,260 children’s homes and 2,418 love homes have been set up all over Turkey in what she called: “Important projects for the protection of children’s rights.” The children’s homes will house between 10-12 children while love homes will house 6-8 children. The idea of the homes is to create a family environment for the children to interact and develop with each other in a better atmosphere. Sahin said: “We have already completed 17 percent of the children’s homes and 18 percent of the love homes which we planned.”

Sahin went on to say: “With our current rates at 17 and 18 percent, we are rapidly approaching our 2012 target of 30 percent completion.” The new homes will provide children in Turkey with better rights and will help the young children in Turkey who have been orphaned, Sahin said: “Now we are a big family with 14,000 children. Every child is our own. Every child is our future.”

The original budget for this project by Turkey had been increased to 27 times to original budget, according to Sahin. Sahin noted that they had looked at various models and theories on how to improve the lifestyle of the orphaned children and provide them with a happier lifestyle. Regarding the names of the homes, Sahin said: “These names allude to the importance of providing children with a family environment, showing them the warmth of a home, and preparing them for the future.”


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