Turkish doctors help treat 15,000 people suffering in Somalia

In the past month, Turkish doctors in Somalia have helped to treat nearly 15,000 stricken Somali patients statistics have shown.

Turkey has really jumped to the forefront lately in countries providing aid to Africa. Turkey has taken it upon itself to help Somalia in their hour of need as the country suffers from the worst drought in more than 60 years leaving millions of people in desperate need. Turkey has sent more than 500 million Turkish Liras in donations to Somalia. Turkey has also built hospitals and providing the Somali people with food and aid and recently started providing an education for the students of Somalia.

Dr. Cemal Bulut of Cadir Hospital, a hospital set up by Turkey’s Ministry of Health in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, said: “Our term here has ended, and two new teams will replace us.” Bulut noted that officials in Somalia had been left aghast that the Turkish doctors were able to treat so many patients in just one month.

The Somali people have been open in extending their gratitude and thanks towards Turkey who they now consider their “brother” for all the help that the Turkish government has provided Somalia.

3 Responses to “Turkish doctors help treat 15,000 people suffering in Somalia”
  1. haa ahmed says:

    i thank you for your helping and supporting to the somali peable in every side in every where
    we will not for get for brotherhood thank thanks alot

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