Okur and Erden, new signings for Turkish basketball teams

Turkish basketball will see the return of two heroes as Mehmet Okur and Semih Erden have both agreed to sign for Turkish basketball teams from the NBA during the NBA lockout in America.

Turk Telekom announced the signing of Okur while Besiktas agreed a deal in place with Erden to bring the two players’ home to Turkey.

Speaking on his move to Turk Telekom, Okur said: “It is exciting to be with the Turk Telekom family in Ankara. I love Ankara and the fans of this city. I had no difficulty in choosing Turk Telekom. We aim to play good in both European competition and in Turkey. We wish to achieve the best result possible.” Okur has been playing basketball in America in the NBA for the last 10 years.

Okur went on to say: “Beko Basketball League will be extremely tough this year. All teams have made important transfers.”

The NBA lockout has seen several talents from the US move to Turkey to continue playing basketball whilst the lockout continues in the United States. Like Okur and Erden, New Jersey Nets’ star Deron Williams also moved to Turkey to play basketball. Even the legendary Kobe Bryant has been severely linked with a move to Turkey to play basketball.

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