Turkey to provide an education for Somali students

Turkey is to help educate people from Somalia as part of Turkey’s recent campaign to help the stricken people in Somalia rebuild their country.

49 nine Somali nationals are in Turkey to receive an education as a gift from Turkey. One of the students, Abdullah Muhtar said: “We won’t forget the good deeds that Turkey has done for us.”

The students will attend different schools in Turkey, 38 will be attending prep schools whilst 11 students will be studying at Fatih University in Turkey. Another student, Ahmed Muhammed said: “We will work hard for our families.”

Recently Turkey has launched a campaign to help Somalia through their worst drought for 60 years leaving millions suffering from famine and starving to death. Turkey has been unrivalled in delivering aid to Somalia in forms of food and medical help. Turkey has donated a total of 500 million Turkish Lira so far along with giving food to 12 million people in Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya.

Turish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Somalia Coordination Executive, Mehmet Samil Emin, said in an interview: “Thanks to the aid sent by Turkey to Somalia, there are no people who are starving to death in Mogadishu.”

This is a great opportunity for students from Somalia to make a better life for themselves. Somalia is really struggling at the moment and Turkey is doing all that they can to help and ease the situation. The students privileged enough to go to Turkey to study now find themselves in a unique situation to learn and better their lives in order to then better the lives of their families in Somalia.

4 Responses to “Turkey to provide an education for Somali students”
  1. Abdirizak Abdu Ali says:

    in the name of Allah most beneficent, most merciful,

    i am a Somali and i came from Mogadishu, i live in Nairobi and i have A+Certification of Computer then i need to get education fisabililaahi to turkey if Allah wishes,
    there is a Hadith saheeh says (help the one on the earth and you will get an other help from Allah
    please and please help me may Allah helps you bro/sis,

    from Abdirizak Abdu Ali

  2. السلام عليكم.بعد السلام خرجت بمدرسةالتضامن بمرحلة الإعداديةواريدان اذهب الي تركيالادرس تركيا بمرحلة الثانويةوالجامعةوقال الرسول(ص)[إرحموا في الارض يرحمكم من في السماء]واطلب منكم مراعاتي حقو قة وشكرا الله معاكم والسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته…

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