Historic match sees ‘women-only’ allowed in Fenerbahce stadium

The Turkish Football Federation has come up with a new solution against crowd violence at football matches in Turkey; the solution sees teams that are found guilty of crowd trouble will only be permitted to allow women and children in to see matches for free.

On Tuesday, Fenerbahce were the first club to try out this new solution. Playing at home against Manisaspor, Fenerbahce drew 1-1 infront of 41,000 women and children under 12 years of age at the stadium in Istanbul.

Fenerbahce had been ordered to play two home matches behind closed doors following crowd trouble during a friendly with Ukrainian champions Shakhtar Donetsk. However the Turkish Football Federation later ruled that spectators will be allowed to the game under the new rules to allow women and children under 12 only.

After the match, Fenerbahce captain Alex de Souza told reporters: “This memory will stay with me forever. It’s not always that you see so many women and children in one game.” While Manisaspor midfielder Omer Aysan remarked: “It was such a fun and pleasant atmosphere.”

Fenerbahce executive Yasemin Mercil said: “This really is a historic day. For the first time in the world, only women and children will watch a game. The women know all the chants. The same anthems, the same chants will be sung.”

Turkish football is currently in a rebuilding phase following numerous allegations of match fixing with some of Turkey’s biggest clubs. Fenerbahce are one of the main culprits embroiled in the scandal and was forced to withdraw from the UEFA Champions League amid the scandal.

The Turkish Football Federation are trying to clean up Turkish football once and for all, and new initiatives like this will go a long way to deterring football fans from crowd violence as Turkish football looks towards a bright future.

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