Not being in the EU will not affect Turkey

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has called on EU politicians not to hinder the process of Turkey’s talks to become an EU member. Gul also stated that Turkey would respect whatever outcome there will be.

Gul said: “We will accept not being an EU member if the people of any EU country do not want us and consider Turkey a burden.”

Speaking in reference to the countries that are against Turkey becoming an EU member, Gul said: “If those people say they don’t want Turkey, we will welcome this with respect. Moreover, maybe the Turkish people will refuse to be a full member. But today our duty is to honour the decision we have made.” Gul made note of the Turkish people who might not want to be a member of the EU due to the current strength of Turkey without the EU.

Gul seemed unfazed when asked about what would happen should Turkey fail in their quest for EU membership, the President said: “I don’t think it is necessary to debate at present whether Turkey will become a full member or not. Turkey must be given a chance to finish the negotiation process successfully.”

Lately with Turkey posting such impressive economic results and being in such a strong position, it has been argued that maybe Turkey does not need the EU as much anymore and that maybe it is in fact the weakened EU who needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the EU. Whatever happens with Turkey’s EU application, it is sure that there will always be opposition to Turkey becoming a full-fledged member of the EU; whether or not this bothers Turkey too much remains to be seen.

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