Teachers welcome Turkish move modernise education in Turkey

Teachers in Turkey have welcomed the move by the Turkish government to modernise education in Turkey with the introduction of electronic boards in classrooms and the Turkish initiative to give 15 million laptops to students.

The Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology (FATIH) has been praised unanimously and will be totally implemented in Turkey within the next five years. Costing 2.5 billion Turkish Lira, the plan will see modern technology placed in 570,000 classrooms in 40,000 schools all over Turkey.

A teacher from the Kuleli primary school in Istanbul said: “Both teachers and students will be more excited about lessons. The learning atmosphere in classes will be interactive and creative.”

Another teacher, Sadun Ivdik, said: “The use of smart boards will provide feedback for the learning process, making it easier to be sure that students fully comprehend the lessons. Ivdik however warned against the potential troubles that the initiative could face, he said: “Turkey is a developming country; there are many teachers and students who don’t have computers in their homes and can’t use a computer well enough to easily use the new devices which the FATIH project will deliver. It will be very difficult for them to adapt to using the new technology. This project should be introduced to teachers and students carefully, and teachers should have an opportunity to get used to the new devices, if the ministry wants this project to be successful.”

Education Minister Omer Dincer said: “The ministry will begin to set up smart boards in classrooms in the second term of the 2011-2012 school year. Tablet PCs will be delivered first to fifth graders and high school freshmen and will gradually continue to be distributed to students in the other classes. There won’t be any pilot scheme for this implementation; instead, the ministry has decided to implement this project by class, and in this way all secondary and high school students, as well as fifth grade students in primary schools, will have their own tablet PCs at the end of five years.”

The new initiative to modernise education in Turkey will see vast improvements and developments in Turkey in the coming years. Education in Turkey is always getting better and becoming more competitive. Students in Turkey have a bright future as the government spends a lot of time and money modernising the education sector in Turkey.

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