School starts in Turkey – Istanbul to fight traffic

Istanbul’s Metropolitan Municipality has announced that Istanbul will be implementing several new tactics to fight against the heavy traffic in the city during the school terms.

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor, Kadir Topbas said in a press conference: “Drilling work in particular will be halted, primarily in the vicinity of school. Public transportation vehicles will be conducting additional runs. Public transportation vehicles will be serving students between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Monday.”

According to statistics, it is estimated that more than 2.5 million students will be on the roads of Istanbul from Monday as the school term officially starts in Turkey. They Mayor said: “Parking areas nearby schools will also provide free parking. We are going to lend support to the approximately 12,000 school service vehicles in terms of parking as well.”

Topbas went on: “We don’t experience problems during the first week of education due to the sensitivity shown by Istanbul residents and because we have been taking very serious measures since the day we took office.”

The Mayor summarised by asking students in Istanbul to abstain from using cars and vehicles to get to school and instead take public transport to help ease the congestion in the city.

Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey, the city is home to more than 12 million residents, getting around Istanbul can be tricky at times and more people using public transport as a means to get around will see a huge impact on the traffic in Istanbul. The new tactics from the Municipality will help ease problems in the city.

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