Global Chinese company Huawei to train Turkish graduates

Huawei, the Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment company has agreed a deal with Turkey’s Middle East Technical University (ODTU) to train graduates from the university.

Mehmet Volkan Atalay, the vice chancellor of ODTU said: “ODTU aims to educate its students according to global values and qualities.” The Chinese IT company will offer courses to train those students who are currently at the university or those who are recent graduates. Atalay also said that the agreement between the company and the university could generate innovative solutions and ideas in the IT sector.

The general manager of Huawei, Philip Zhihui Liang, said: “This agreement shows the importance that our company gives to research and development in information technology.” Liang also said that Turkey is currently ranked second for Huawei’s global investments in research and development after India.

Huawei is a powerful Chinese global company; insiders in the innovation and technology sector say that Huawei could overtake Apple as the world’s leading company for technology. With offices and employers all over the world, Huawei is fast growing and becoming a market leader. The agreement with the university is good news for Turkey, Turkish students at ODTU will have a unique opportunity to learn and develop under one of the world’s leading companies.

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