Turkey to totally end university exam coefficient injustice by 2012

The president of Turkey’s Higher Education Board (YOK) has stated that the system that uses a lower coefficient to calculate university admission exam scores of graduates from vocational high schools will be totally dismissed in 2012.

Yusuf Ziya Ozcan said: “We are planning a pro-equality and a fair amendment. I hope politicians will also support it.” A new system would allow for graduates from vocational schools to compete with other students for university places on a level playing field, making it a lot fairer.

The previous coefficient system was very controversial as it clearly favoured students who were not in vocational schools, students from these schools would normally get a lower score in the university entrance exams and find it difficult to find a place at university.

The move to abolish the old system has also been praised by many companies who have complained in the past about having difficulties trying to find qualified staff due to the inept coefficient system that would mislead potential employers of a person’s qualities and grades.

The new decision to abolish the old coefficient system comes in the wake of Turkey’s recent improvement of the education system in Turkey. Students are set to see a whole range of benefits to being a student in Turkey in the future. Education classes are being upgraded to a more modernistic environment that will see students benefit from personal laptops and electronic classes. Studying in Turkey is on the rise as the government realise the potential of students of Turkey.

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