Istanbul to help rebuilding Somalia

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has announced the start of a project that will aim to help rebuild the Somali capital of Mogadishu and “erase the traces of civil war and terrorism.”

An advisor to the Mayor, Ismail Hakki Turunc, said: “There are garbage piles in some parts of Mogadishu which have accumulated over the past 20 years, in which time there has been no garbage collection.” The municipality will send people to work in Mogadishu with the aim of collecting the wasting garbage and to paint and regenerate some of the desolate buildings.

With plans to construct new facilities and buildings in the city, Turunc went on: “We will help solve problems with utilities in schools, mosques, and other public buildings. We will bring a technical team from Turkey to address those issues.”

According to Turunc, around 300 people will be sent within the next 20 days to start working on the project.

Turkey has recently taken it upon itself to help Somalia with lots of aid being flown into the famine stricken country. With millions of people suffering from the worst drought in Africa for more than 60 years, Turkey has provided some much needed relief for those and with no signs of Turkish efforts slowing down, Somalia has a helping hand in bringing aid and support to the country.

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