Turkey hoping to hit 1 million car sales this year

A top executive at Peugeot Turkey has stated that the company expect to hit up to 1 million car sales by the end of the year.

Speaking at a press conference in Istanbul, Jean Pierre Vieux, general manager of Peugeot Turkey said: “Turkey has this potential. Turkey is now considered a European country. Turkey has overcome the economic problems of the crisis.”

Vieux also stated that the car sales sector has gone considerably down in most European countries whilst the Turkish car sales market has seen considerable growth amid the economic crisis that is engulfing Europe. Vieux said: “Turkey remains one of the top markets for Peugeot regarding the company’s growth strategies.”

The rise in car sales in Turkey compared with the fall of car sales in other European countries symbolises the strength of Turkey at the moment. The Turkish Lira is currently fairly strong compared with the Euro, a few years ago Turkey would have jumped at the chance to join the European Union, and it seems as though now that Turkey maybe doesn’t need the EU as much. Turkey is on the rise as a country and companies such as Peugeot are taking notice and designing strategies to take advantage of the Turkish market.

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