Employment in Turkey boosted thanks to e-commerce sector rise

According to recent statistics, employment in Turkey has risen thanks to a boost in the e-commerce sector in the first eight months of this year.

The statistics, by Kariyer.net have shown that demand for employment in the sector has grown by 200 percent in the period, resulting in 2,000 extra jobs being made available. This made the e-commerce sector the highest gaining sector for employment in Turkey during the first eight months of the year.

Yusuf Azoz, general manager of Kariyer.net, said: “E-commerce is expanding its volume day by day. Initiatives and foreign investments also grown in parallel to the increase in Internet use and consumer’s confidence in shopping online.”

The data revealed that the most popular positions for the e-commerce jobs available were for managers, sales representatives, software developers, and administrators.

Most e-commerce websites are based in Istanbul; however there is a movement that is seeing more and more e-commerce websites opening companies in Anatolian provinces, further expanding the possibility for more employment in the Anatolian region and further aiding the development of Turkey.

Turkey is currently one of the countries with the least percentage of unemployment rates. Jobs in Turkey are becoming more and more available and the people in Turkey are benefitting from the strong state that the country is currently in economically and politically.

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