Turkish Prime Minister promises equality for non-Muslims in Turkish law

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended an iftar dinner with representatives on non-Muslim communities, emphasising the importance of the recent decree to demand more equal rights for non-Muslims in Turkey.

Speaking at the Istanbul Acheology Museum where the dinner was held for non-Muslims, the Prime Minister said: “There have been times when people in our country were put under pressure for their beliefs, ethnic background, for the way they dress and their different lifestyles, but those days are over. Nobody in this country is any more privileged than anyone else in the eyes of the Constitution or other laws.” The move has been welcomed greatly by the European Union.

Erdogan went on to say: “For us, basic rights and freedoms can never be regarded or cast as a favour or a donation; it is our duty to solve the problems of every single citizen of this country as if it were our own issue. This is Istanbul, where the adhan and the church bells sound together, where mosques, churches, and synagogues have stood side by side on the same street for centuries.”

Erdogan also stated that the non-Muslim community should offer to contribute to the new constitution that the government intends to make and close to book once and for all on the discrimination in Turkey cases.

The decree is also seen as a key move in Turkey’s bid to join the EU. A statement by the EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule said: “The Commission welcomes Turkey’s new legislation for the return of properties to religious foundations published by the Official Gazette on August 27th; the Commission also welcomes the meeting of Prime Minister Erdogan with the heads of non-Muslim religious communities at an iftar dinner on August 28th. All this is positive and conductive to the respect of freedom of religion in practice. The Commission will monitor closely the implementation of the new legislation, in contact with both the Turkish authorities and the non-Muslim religious communities.”

With the new constitution set to come in to Turkey, Turkey is really beginning to become a powerful country in the region. People who are looking to move to Turkey or buy property in Turkey can feel confident that Turkey is a great place to be, the Turkish culture and new laws will provide a safe and luxurious lifestyle for those looking to move to Turkey.


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