Fenerbahce relegation request turned down by TFF

The Turkish Football Federation has revealed that they have turned down a request from Fenerbahce to be relegated from the Super League.

A statement from the TFF said: “Fenerbahce Sports Club has stated its demand to play in the Bank Asya League One on its website, but there was no written statement about the issue. As a result, the TFF does not see a situation that requires it to change the decision it took on August 15th. The leagues will start on September 10th with the previously announced fixtures.”

Fenerbahce had requested to be relegated following the TFF’s decision to take Fenerbahce out of the UEFA Champions League and award the place to Trabzonspor instead.

Fenerbahce Deputy Chairman Ali Koc said however that there was no official relegation request, but instead Fenerbahce had been calling on the TFF to do what it should. Koc said: “We didn’t have a request to be relegated and we will not have. The TFF did not stand tall against the pressure and blackmailing from UEFA, and Fenerbahce was barred from the Champions League. Since they see us guilty and a threat to the brand value of the Champions League, we wanted the TFF to do what they should to protect the brand value of the Super League.”

The TFF is currently under a lot of pressure to see a clear end to the match fixing scandal in Turkey. The TFF recently announced that should any football club be found guilty of match fixing in the coming season then they will face relegation no matter what stage the season is at.

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