Turkish Airlines to increase number of routes

Turkish Airlines, the national air carrier of Turkey has announced that they will increase the number of flights between selected countries of importance to Turkey.

The first countries to be tested as part of this initiative are the Ukraine and the United States. A statement on Turkish Airlines website stated that the Ukrainian cities of Donetsk, Kiev, and Odessa and the US cities of Washington and Los Angeles will see an improved number of flights in the coming weeks.

The Airline announced that flights to Washington D.C will increase to from five times a week to six times a week and flights to Los Angeles will increase from four flights a week to five flights per week. The increase in flights to the US will make it easier for commuters to get to Turkey from the US without a stopover or delayed flight. The US and Turkish relationship is improving and there are important business deals in place between the two countries and the new flights will make it easier for business between Turkey and the US to be maintained.

Currently Turkish Airlines fly twice a week to Donetsk and that will increase to four times a week come September 12 while flights to Odessa will increase to 11 a week and flights to Kiev will increase to 12 flights per week as Turkish Airlines looks to meet the demand for flights from Ukraine to Turkey.

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