Turkey unveils new Boeing airplane

Turkish Airlines have taken delivery of the latest Boeing 777-300ER passenger plane built in the United States for the Turkish airline.

Turkish Economy Minister, Zafer Caglayan was aboard the inaugural flight from the U.S to Turkey and stated in a ceremony that Turkey themselves were looking into building their own planes. He said: “We are conducting all the necessary economic and political steps to reach our target of manufacturing our own passenger jets.”

Caglayan went on to say: “I would like to remind Boeing that, in future procurement, we will make evaluations based on how much the Turkish private sector has contributed to the manufacture of a passenger jet.”

Caglayan also noted that Turkey is currently in negotiations with South Korea over a free trade agreement between the two countries. He said: “Talks between the delegations of the two countries also took place. We hope to sign a free trade agreement by the end of the year.”

The new Boeing airplane will allow Turkish Airlines to expand and offer more flights. Turkey is currently a fast developing country and the potential could be limitless should Turkey be able to put plans into place to develop and build their own passenger airplanes.

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