Istanbul aquarium proves to be an instant success

The Istanbul Aquarium which opened in June has instantly become one of the top attractions that the city has to offer.

The aquarium, the world’s biggest thematic aquarium, hosts more than 15,000 species of fish and takes up nearly 100 acres of space in Florya. Costing 268 million Turkish Lira to build, the aquarium has become a prominent tourist attraction in Istanbul with visitors from all over the world being in awe at the vast collection of fish on show.

Being a very modern aquarium, visitors have the option to use touch screen computers at every exhibit to gain information on each species they are seeing. Visitors can also go on an exploration trail and even visit an interactive rain forest inside the aquarium.

The manager of the aquarium said: “There isn’t another place in Turkey where people can find a lot of information gathered together about marine species. This even though we are living in a country surrounded by seas on three sides: north, west, and south. People can get to know marine plants and animals in the aquarium and build a relationship with them. I believe that without knowing something very well, it is difficult to love it. If people come and see the beautiful species that populate the world’s oceans and seas, hopefully this will help them become more nature friendly.”

The aquarium is expected to be visited by more than 2.5 million people every year and since it has opened, the aquarium has been meeting all targets set for the first year. The aquarium is a further sign of development in Istanbul and development in Turkey. Tourists in Istanbul will be able to visit the aquarium and enjoy the most developed aquarium in the world.


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