Istanbul students to get to know Istanbul history

Students in Istanbul will be given the chance to learn about Istanbul with organised visits to museums are part of their education.

Under a new project by Istanbul Provincial Education Directorate, students will spend three hours every month at different museums in the city to learn the history of Istanbul and participate in activities to expand their knowledge on Istanbul.

A senior official at the Istanbul Provincial Education Directorate, said: “We want students to have a deep understanding of history. What does an elementary school student about Topkapi Palace? They will sense the objects and the air. For instance they can paint a picture of china plate. They can comprehend history by building the whole meaning after examining the individual pieces.”

A large part of the project will see documents issued to the teachers by the Education Directorate about the museums and about the history of Istanbul. The museums will offer students tours where they will spend up to three hours admiring the historical artefacts in each museum and will be able to ask questions and participate in discussions. Students will also be allowed to take photos, paint, or take notes during the tours to improve their knowledge of Istanbul and Turkish history.

This new initiative is part of the Turkish government decision to reform and modernise the education sector of Turkey. New schemes like this are to make education in Turkey a lot more enjoyable for students and provide a much better learning environment to the students.

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