Art Beat comes to Istanbul

A new contemporary art fair bringing together Turkish and International galleries, known as Art Beat is to come to Istanbul in September.

The first annual Art Beat Istanbul will debut on the dates of September 14- September 18. Director of Art Beat Istanbul, Arhan Kayar, said: “Our aim is to create a unique destination for art professionals and investors by introducing Istanbul’s galleries and artists to the world. The fair is also a platform for international exhibitors, including Middle-Eastern and U.S. galleries, to gain recognition in Turkey.”

Kayar said that the fair would be looking to build and expand in coming years. Partnerships with other galleries and new opportunities for people to showcase their work are welcome at the Art Beat. The fair aims to be the main international art show in its region in the coming years, Kayar said: “With an increasing number of art foundations, museums, galleries, collectors and artists, Istanbul is an exceptional city for contemporary art, and its position between Europe and the Middle East makes it a desirable city for holding an international art fair.”

Art Beat follows a large number of recent festivals in Istanbul. The culture of Turkey is really taking a leap to the forefront of Turkey. Art Beat is due to host 24 galleries and exhibits will include some of the best contemporary art displays from Turkey and the world.


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