Turkey to invest in army helicopters

A deal between Turkey and the US will see Turkey purchase six CH-4 helicopters for defense purposes from the US for $400 million.

The copters, five to be used by the Army and one to be used by the Special Forces Command will greatly improve security in Turkey. An official said: “After the helicopters begin to arrive, we plan to make some modifications to them according to our needs.”

The six helicopters are set to be the first heavy-lift helicopters at the disposal of the Turkish Army with delivery in 2013. The official said: “These helicopters have incredible capabilities. Three or four of them can transport a company-sized unit and its equipment over long distances in only a few hours.”

With a maximum speed of up to 312 kilometres an hour, and able to carry 60 personnel at any given time, the CH-4 helicopters will be a great asset for Turkey and provide the Turkish army with a safe and easier way to transport loads from one area to another.

The Turkish government recently announced the implementation of new regulations against terror and announced that Turkey will step up its efforts to reduce terror related incidents in Turkey. The purchase of these helicopters will go a long way to securing that.


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