China to invest in Turkey

A Chinese company is considering investing in Turkey to produce subway cars in Izmir province.

Izmir Mayor, Aziz Kocaoglu, said: “During our trip to the Chinese city of Zhuzhou, we met with the deputy chairman, general manager and other top executives of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. The company executives told us they are eager to produce the subway cars in Izmir if the required conditions are met. This is the first time during my seven years as mayor that I have received such a concrete investment offer.”

Kocaoglu said that the Chinese company wants to launch a 120,000 square-metre area to produce the cars. Kocaoglu was speaking after a test drive of the subway cars that Zhuzhou want to produce in Izmir. He said: “I have visited China many times to attract the Chinese to invest in our province, but this is the first that we talked about a concrete investment. The management of CSR will be visiting Izmir within the year.”

Speaking on the possibility of a deal, Kocaoglu said: “I am sure we can finalise the investment in Izmir with the support of the government.”

Should the investment in Turkey from China go ahead, it would signal a great deal of confidence from China in the Turkish market. Turkey is currently on a high in terms of investment, companies are looking to invest in Turkey as there is clearly a lot of potential in the region. Turkey is emerging as a market leader for investment in the east and this investment will be another sign of great growth by Turkey.

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