Philips to consider more investment in Turkey for growth

According to a top executive with major international company Philips, the company is planning to relaunch manufacturing in Turkey and has targeted Turkey for significant growth.

Willem Rozenberg, chief executive of Philips Turkey & Caucasus said that due to the tremendous change in the economic state of Turkey in recent years, the company is thinking about restarting manufacturing in Turkey, saying: “The Company might return to Turkey with an industrial presence in some form.”

Talking about the Turkish economy, Rozenberg said the country is turning into an economically independent country; Turkey can now solve its own problems. Rozenberg said that many investors trust more in Turkey today than they did before, and Philips see the opportunity to invest in the Turkish market.

The aim of Philips is to double their growth on a yearly basis in Turkey, Rozenberg said: “We aim to exceed Turkey’s gross domestic product growth by two times in each year.” Rozenberg also noted that the company look to capitalise on local knowledge and create business opportunities for people of Turkey.

According to Rozenberg, Turkey is an important example for other countries in the region and many international investors are seeing the country as “a hub for penetrating into new markets.” Turkey is currently one of the strongest nations to invest in; investing in Turkey makes sense for businesses and individuals. Whether you are looking to invest in property in Turkey or are companies looking to invest in a whole business in Turkey, everyone is moving to Turkey to experience the golden opportunities that arise in Turkey.

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