More autistic children to be given chance to gain University education

The Higher Education Board of Turkey (YOK) has revealed that a new policy is to be implemented that will gift more specially talented autistic children the chance to study at University.

This happened after officials met a boy with rare musical talents who also had autism. 17 year old Bugra Cankir recently performed at a music festival where his talents were noticed and persuaded YOK to implement the new policy.

Gulsin Onay who helped train Bugra, said: “I am truly impressed by his piano play and his musical ear. I believe Bugra should absolutely continue his education.” Bugra had been denied entry into state conservatory high schools because of his autism, even though he officially qualified to enter the schools.

Following the story of Bugra, YOK has pledged to bring in new reforms so that talented autistic children can enter University. A separate university entrance exam is on the agenda and YOK has also stated that students with disabilities could gain admission to courses without having to go through an interview.

Bugra has been called a musical genius and was among 12 students who performed at the eighth Bodrum International Gumusluk Classical Music Festival recently.

The decision by YOK is a further development for education in Turkey. Recently the government announced plans to reform the education sector to modernise education in Turkey, and the decision by YOK further demonstrates the government’s commitment to education and the youth of Turkey.

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