Istanbul tests new tsunami warning system

A new system to detect early signs of an oncoming tsunami has been tested out from Istanbul’s Kandilli Observatory with a test message sent to 31 countries in the region.

The system, designed to detect tsunami’s from the north-eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean is backed by the United Nations and Turkey is among only five countries in the region that have early warning systems in place for possible tsunami’s.

Co-chair of the North East Atlantic and Mediterranean Tsunami Warning System, Ocal Necmioglu, said that the purpose of the test was to ensure that effective communication was in place between potential regional and national tsunami focal points.

Necmioglu stated that the tsunami warning system links between 31 different countries including the United Kingdom, Egypt, Estonia, and Ukraine among others. Necmioglu said: “In the event of an earthquake, these countries will inform the others about the upcoming danger of tsunami.” Test messages were sent in the form of emails and fax messages, with results indicating that messages were received between nations within a few minutes of being sent.

Early warning messages of an impending tsunami could give countries valuable time to set up emergency measures and launch disaster rescue plans and save potentially thousands of lives from danger.

The test is a sign of further development by turkey in the protection and safety of people sector. Turkey recently announced new plans and reforms to tackle terrorism in Turkey, and the new warning system to detect tsunamis further enforce the Turkish stance on safety and protection of the people in Turkey.

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