Turkcell lowers prices for 2011

The largest mobile operator in Turkey, Turkcell has announced that in the last year they have offered cheaper rates to its customers.

Emre Sayin, Deputy General Director of Turkcell announced that the mobile operator offered a 28 percent cheaper mobile phone service and a 37 percent cheaper mobile internet service. Sayin also revealed that Turkish when abroad, Turkish customers benefited from a 40 percent cheaper phone calls and 38 percent cheaper mobile internet.

Turkcell currently owns 54 percent of the market share in Turkey with over 34 million users, making it the biggest mobile operator in Turkey, Sayin confirmed that the company is looking to invest a further 1 billion Turkish Liras this year to further improve the user experience.

Sayin also said that the number of smart phones has increased by 100 percent in one year in Turkcell stores, with the number of downloads in the Turkcell Applications Store passing 41 million, an increase of 500 percent.

With Turkcell growing and developing at such a fast rate, it can only mean good things for mobile phone users in Turkey. In such a competitive market where most people have mobile phones and have lots of mobile carriers to choose from, Turkcell is breaking the mould by offering cheaper prices and investing money to become an even more prominent force in the Turkish mobile sector.


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