Property project to take place in Antalya

A new project has been unveiled in Antalya that aims to stop some properties being confiscated once the owners of the property die.

Beneficiaries to property are sometimes cheated out of their rightful inheritance of property in Turkey as unclaimed property in Turkey can be taken by some individuals by fraudulent means. Inherited property was subject to the deceased persons’ national law.

Under new regulation, once a foreign resident passes away, the Alanya Birth Registration Office will send that information to the Alanya Fiscal Directorate and the Antalya Revenue Office. If the deceased is found to have any property registered to their name, a written statement will then be sent to the relevant embassy who will then locate apparent heirs to the property.

This will ensure that properties are no longer taken from heirs and head of the Alanya Real Estate Agents Association, Kerim Baliktay has said the new regulation is extremely positive. Baliktay said: “The Antalya Revenue Office started this regulation as a precaution against any possible confiscation of properties that belong to foreign people, these things do not happen so often but the regulation is definitely preventing it from happening.”

Baliktay went on to say that more than 100,000 properties in Turkey are foreign owned, and nearly 20,000 of those are in Alanya. The new regulation is great news for people looking to buy property in Turkey, although such confiscations are rare, the new regulations will make sure that you are safe in your property in Turkey.


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