Turkish film students to get chance to contribute to Hollywood movie

Two Turkish producers from Hollywood giant film production firm Warner Bros are to shoot a film project in Turkey with a Turkish script.

Ifakat Bak and Semih Eren aim to bring Hollywood standards to Turkish filmmaking. The film will also give an opportunity for students in Turkey to take part in a Hollywood project.

Bak said in an interview: “Any investment in film students is an investment in the Turkish film sector in the end. We want to teach these kids how to do their job under professional conditions and want them to know that success is inevitable provided that you adopt these professional standards. The biggest shortcoming of Turkish cinema in becoming a global genre is the lack of a professional work ethic.”

Bak first thought of the idea whilst on a visit to Turkey for a conference, she said: “Professor Kerim Kocagöz invited me for the conference and when I was there he asked me what I could do for the Turkish film students as a Hollywood producer. Knowing that all these children studying cinema in Turkey are dreaming about Hollywood, I told him I either should take these kids to Hollywood or bring Hollywood to them. The second option was more viable, so I came up with this project.”

10 students from Kocaeli University and 55 students from other Universities in Turkey will take part in the project. An audition process will take part which is expected to take two weeks to finalise. Filming is expected to start in October and the film is scheduled for release in February 2012. The film will be shot in both Turkish and English so that it can be released in both US and Turkish markets.

This is a great opportunity for students of Turkey to participate in a great project and learn from Hollywood giants. The Turkish government has recently announced plans to reform Turkish education to modernise the education sector in Turkey, bringing Hollywood to Turkey will be extremely worthwhile for students of Turkey.

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