Turkey to spend 5 billion USD on defense in 2011

Turkey are about to reach an all-time record spending of 5 billion USD on defense in 2011. This while most other European countries are attempting to cut back on expenditures in a bid to offset their debt and weakening economies.

A senior procurement official said: “Some major spending items have just started or are starting now, including those for the purchase of around 100 Joint Strike Fighter jet aircraft (JFSs), submarines and utility helicopters. As a result, the arms spending is jumping, approaching $5 billion this year. Thank God, the general economic situation of the country is fine.”

Regarding the future budget for defense in Turkey, the official said: “There’s enough reason to think that the defense procurement budget will continue to increase gradually over the next few years to reach another saturation point.”

With the Turkish economy currently doing a lot better than other economies in Europe, it seems as though Turkey can afford to spend money on their defense system without the costs affecting the economy of the country.

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