Economy troubles push more people to Istanbul

Figures released by the Culture and Tourism Directorate have shown that the number of Greek, Italian, and Spanish tourists visiting Istanbul has doubled compared with last year.

The economy troubles in these countries have been pushing tourists to the cheaper metropolis of Istanbul where they can still enjoy all the spoils a luxury holiday but at cheaper costs.

In total, the number of visitors to Istanbul rose by 15 percent in the first seven months of the year compared with last year, with 4.5 million visitors, 900,000 from Germany alone.

There was also an added increase of tourists coming from Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Syria, Algeria, Egypt, and Tunisia. The recent lifting of visa requirements from specific countries has led to a rise in tourists from Middle Eastern countries.

With more visitors to Turkey, the Turkish tourism market has been expanding rapidly as the country continues to grow and develop. This has had a great impact on Turkey, people want to go to Turkey and areas such as the Turkey property market or rent a villa market are currently experiencing a boom.

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