Turkish museum up for award of Europe’s top museum

A new museum that have been built and opened in Turkey could be set to win an award and be named as Europe’s top museum.

Kaman Kalehoyuk Archaeology Museum in the Anatolian province of Kirsehir opened in 2010 and received high praise worldwide for its design and style. Museum manager Adnan Guclu said: “This museum also has a beautiful Japanese garden. Now, it will compete to be named the best museum in Europe.”

The museum, built with a Japanese-Turkish theme, and with assistance from a Japanese grant, was also named the ‘Best Green Museum’ last year and the opening ceremony in 2010 was attended by His Imperial Highness Prince Tomohito. Regarding hopes for the museum to win another award, Guclu said: “I think we are going to receive this award.”

The museum, which cost 10 million Turkish Liras to construct, contains many artefacts and finds from local excavations dating as far back as 23 B.C.

The museum is another sign of the strength of Turkey at the moment, the fast developing museum is on track to become a national treasure providing the people of Turkey with a fantastic museum to go and see and experience history.

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