Turkey postpones controversial internet filtering system

After increasing fears from the public, Turkey’s Internet watchdog has decided not to force internet surfers to accept a filtering system, and has postponed the introduction of the system until November.

Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) had planned to introduce four different filtering systems: Family, Child, Domestic, and Standard. With each one having a different level of filtering.

However following strong criticism, it has been decided that there will now only be two filtering options: Family, and Child, with both of these being optional. These changes come following a recommendation from the Internet Council.

An amicable decision for everyone involved, people will have the option of having the filtering systems or not having them, and then BTK will be able to decide which content to restrict for whoever decides to put the filtering systems in place.

For those who choose to have the internet filtering system in place, it will ensure safe surfing and will not expose people to things that they maybe should not be exposed to. The filtering system could be deployed in schools to protect children online.


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