USA and Turkey security relations will not change

At a meeting between the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the US Ambassador to Turkey has stated that he is sure that the resignation of top military officials in Turkey will not affect the security relationship between the two countries.

Ricciardone said: “We look forward to working with the new military leadership. The security relationship, though, goes beyond individuals, it is based on institutions. Turkey is a state of law and strong institutions that are durable even though they are dynamic and in change. I have every confidence that our security relationship will continue to be strong, that our military leaders will meet with the new Turkish military leaders, I am very confident things will be just fine.”

Ricciardone also stated that the resignation of Turkey’s stop military officials will be fine as there are always turnovers in military leadership around this time of the year. He also reiterated Turkey’s commitment to their partnership with the US, he said: “Throughout this change in development, there has been one constant and that has been Turkey’s continued commitment to its partnership with the United States and the NATO alliance. It’s also a member of the G-20 now, and having one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.”

With the recent resignations of several top military officials, Turkey has announced new reforms and new tactics in fighting terrorism and security in Turkey.

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