University to restore Cistern under campus

Kadir Has University of Istanbul is waiting for Fatih municipality consent to start restoration of the Cibali Cistern beneath the campus.

University Rector, Mustafa Aydin said: “We spent £5 million for the museum upstairs and are willing to spend another million for the cistern. All we want us bureaucratic collaboration.”

With the Cibali Cistern dating from the 11th century, the University are hoping it will become an integral part of their museum. Aydin said: “The archaeologists can discern which piece comes from which century by examining the way the brickwork is laid.”

Aydin revealed that they are planning to dig even further down to see if there is anything else with historical significance that they can find. He said: “We are planning to dig 2.5 to 3 metres deep. We did a trial dig that showed us that the soil on the ground is a fill-in that was made in republican times. Therefore, it cannot contain historical wealth. But we are going to dig down deeper than that to see what else we can find.” It was revealed that digging would take up to 6 months and the conversation might last for a year and a half once the municipal confirmation had been granted.

The plans are for the cistern to act as another floor for the museum once the restoration is completed. Aydin said: “We are restoring 76 Urartu belts at the moment and we have many rare pieces we want put on display under the historical ambience of the cistern.”

With Universities in Turkey recently undergoing a lot of growth and development, followed by government announcements of reforms to the education system to modernise it, and the announcement of nine new Universities in Istanbul, the education sector in Turkey is really coming on leaps and bounds and modernising rapidly.

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