Turks to invest in Greece and Romania

According to Musfik Cantekinler, the institutional financing department chief of Ernst & Young, a top financial auditing company in Turkey, Turkish companies are set to invest money abroad in 2011.

Cantekinler said: “I foresee Turkish firms investing about $1 billion abroad through transactions between 50 and 200 million dollars.” He also stated that should firms invest above the $200 million mark, that the total foreign investment amount from Turkey could be a lot higher come the end of the year.

Cantekinler stated that Turkish companies are looking to invest abroad as a strategic movement. He said: “There are also Turkish food companies that are looking to invest in Greece.”

Regarding Turkey’s foreign investment in 2011, Cantekinler said: “2001 will be a year in which Turks will also invest abroad.”

With all this foreign investment going out of Turkey, there is still plenty of investment coming in to Turkey too. He said: “There is a serious domestic consumption, domestic demand in Turkey. This actually whets foreigners’ appetite.” He also stated that the first thing that investors who come to Turkey notice is the domestic demand in Turkey.

All this investment in Turkey does not go unnoticed. Turkey is currently planning large investments in infrastructure, with a third Bosphorus bridge, a third Istanbul airport, highways, and many tunnels currently planned for the future.

Turkey as a country is currently doing very well economically and developing at an unprecedented rate. This bodes well for property in Turkey where most investments can lead to a big return. People who buy property in Turkey or move to Turkey are seeing the benefits that are obvious for all to see.


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