Universities to offer financial incentives for students

Universities in Turkey are competing to gain students who score in the top ranks on the Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) by offering a series of financial incentives to the students.

In order to bring the most promising students to their University, the students will be offered a one off payment of up to 5,000 Turkish Lira to study with a specific University. With the recent admission that nine new Universities are to be built, the competition to bring the best students to study will be as fierce as ever.

The students will also be offered many different perks such as: free membership to fitness clubs and leisure centres, job opportunities, free accommodation, and Erasmus opportunities to study abroad. There is a deadline of August 5th for students to submit their university choices.

For students who score in the top 10, the rewards can be vast. Yeni Yuzyil University is offering a car worth 35,000 Turkish Lira for three students who score in the top 10. Okan University, a private University, is offering 1,000 Turkish Lira per month for students who are in the top 2,000 that choose to go to their University.

Amazingly, Canakkale 18 Mart University is offering an incredible incentive for three students who score in the top 50 in the LYS. For these students will be offered a financial package that is equivalent of a professor’s salary in order to study with them.

With the Turkish government recently announcing plans for an education reform in order to modernise the Turkish education system, it seems as though the Universities are fighting it out to ensure the best of the best get to study at their University.

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