Turkey to help Africa

Some regions in Africa are facing the worst drought conditions for 50 years, and Turkey has decided to take upon itself to take some action.

The Turkish President’s office has announced that it would be helping Turkish aid groups in their efforts organising humanitarian assistance to Africa, especially in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Djibouti, which are the areas worst affected by the drought. It was also revealed that both the civil society and the government are agreed that the best way to fight drought permanently in Africa is to invest in infrastructure projects to help the people.

Doctors Worldwide said that they would be distributing iftar dinners for the first time in Somalia and will be working in cooperation with regional humanitarian aid offices to supply food for Africa.

This latest development comes after the announcement of two new programs to be introduced during Ramadan to give aid to people who are in need.

With Turkey currently prosperous as an economy due to the strength of the Turkish Lira, the Turkish property market as successful as it is right now, and many other factors, it seems as though Turkey want to give something back and want to help people who are in need.

3 Responses to “Turkey to help Africa”
  1. Ali says:

    May Allah bless Turkey and their leaders. We Somalis are great full for the help and the efforts from our Turkish brothers. This will be in our history books.

    -A Somali in USA

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