Goldman Sachs: Turkey military resignations serve democracy in Turkey

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has released a statement to say that the resignation of Turkey’s top four military generals will not lead to a crisis but does in fact show that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is uniting civilian control over the country.

With more resignations expected to come soon, it is expected that the vacancies will be filled by the government. Goldman analysts said: “What is happening here is basically that the ruling party is making it clear that the army, by constitution, is accountable before the civilian authorities.”

Following the resignations of the top military generals, Goldman analysts said: “Turkey’s civil society structures are currently being consolidated, helping strengthen its democracy.” Turkey has currently been introducing new plans in security in Turkey, a new plan to bring change in terrorism in Turkey has recently implemented by the government.

The top four military generals, the Chief of General Staff, the head of the Turkish Army, Navy, and Air Force all announced their retirement to protest against the government who had refused to promote generals who are suspects in on-going trials accused of plotting coups.


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