Time to invest in Turkey

Robert Holmes, manager of Griffin Capital Management’s Eastern European Value Fund has come out in support of the Turkish economy following the incredible 11 percent economic growth that Turkey experienced for the first quarter.

Holmes said: “Indeed the contrast can be quite extreme, if one considers Turkey, for example, there is actually too much growth, in the first quarter it grew 11% year-on-year surpassing the growth rate of China. The credit side is also the reciprocal of the Eurozone, Russia for example has only around 10% debt to GDP.”

Speaking while assessing the impact of the sovereign debt crisis on the Europe, Holmes, speaking about Eastern Europe, stated that: “Although specific country risks do remain, the longer term growth outlook is certainly superior to that of most Eurozone economies.”

Turkey is currently one of the strongest economic nations and is currently experiencing better financial results than ever before.

Surpassing the growth rate of China is a real huge step for Turkey. Turkey is emerging as a real power nation for people to invest their money and for people to make money. The Turkish property market and development strategies are only going to get stronger as the Turkish government look to secure a long term plan for growth in Turkey.

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