250 Kilometres of paths to be built in Turkey in 2012

European Bike Path Network (Eurovelo) has unveiled plans to add to their 45,000 kilometre path by including a further 250 kilometres of paths in Turkey in 2012.

The new paths will stretch from Turkey’s border with Greece to its border with Bulgaria and even reach the Black Sea.

Eurovelo, built by the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) attracts millions of tourists every year. The cycle paths are normally routed around the most beautiful spots in Europe and will no doubt be a further boost to the already strong tourism sector in Turkey.

President of the Bicyclists Association, Murat Suyabatmaz said that it is remarkable that a million people go on bike tours from Germany to the Black Sea every year.

With the tourism industry in Turkey already boasting a pretty impressive resume, the planning of the cycle paths will further give tourists a reason to come to Turkey. With Turkey shaping up for a 2020 Olympic Bid, it seems as though the Turkish government is doing all it can in order to make their bid as impressive as possible.

The new 250 kilometres of paths will give people give tourists a great time in cycling around Turkey whilst viewing the very best that Turkey has to offer.


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