Turkey to provide aid to Africa during Ramadan

Mehmet Gormez, President of the Religious Affairs Directorate has announced that two new programs are to be executed during the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, to give aid to people in need.

The two programs: “A New Brotherhood Vaccine for Our Age” and “One Fitrah and One Iftar to Africa from Every Home”, are designed to help neighbour relations and also give aid to Africa.

Gormez, who was speaking at the Ataturk Sports Hall, said: “To be close to our dear Prophet, we must be good neighbours.” The aim is to improve relations with neighbour relations in Turkey that have become strained of late and remind people of the spirit of brotherhood during Ramadan. Gormez said: “In large cities today, a neighbourhood vaccine is necessary.”

The second program is to help with aid to Africa. Gormez said the purpose of this project is to bridge the geographical distance and break down complacency. More than 40 million people in Africa are on the brink of starvation and Turkey want to help.

To participate in this scheme, all you need to do is send an SMS to 5601 with the word “AFRIKA” from your mobile, and you will donate 5 Turkish Lira. Gormez said: “Everyone must decide for himself how much he can give, but this is the minimum.”

The program is organised by the Relgious Affairs Directorate and the Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV). Gormez ended by saying: “We must come together in the spirit of fasting.”

With Turkey currently thriving with the strength of their economy, it seems that they want to take the opportunity to try and help and give back to the people.


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