Saudis to invest $500 million in Turkish real estate sector

The global construction business, the Binladin Group of Saudi Arabia is planning to invest $500 million in to the Turkish real estate sector after conducting research into Turkey.

With an annual revenue of $30 billion, the Binladin Group are major international business players, and have decided the start a housing development project in the area of Armutlu in the north western province of Yalova, Turkey with plans to establish a Turkish headquarters for further development all over the country.

A representative of the company said: “Turkey, especially after the referendum and the general elections, has become one of the world’s most stable countries. Thus, we identified Turkey among the top new investment areas.”

According to reports, the group could also be led into investing in other sectors in Turkey, such as health and agriculture. It is widely thought that the Saudi Binladin investment in Turkey would lead to other Saudi companies investing in the Turkey property market.

With such a huge investment set to hit Turkey, the Turkish property market has never been better to invest in for people looking to invest in real estate. The Turkish market is as steady as ever and only going one way – up.  Many people who buy a property in Turkey, rent it out in peak seasons to provide a good income and return on investment.

3 Responses to “Saudis to invest $500 million in Turkish real estate sector”
  1. ilir says:

    I have inhereted a great location property in Turkey, Beykoz area of Istanbul, and the courts are not been in my favor to take what is mine. any ideas?

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