Turkey unearths some ancient treasures

A 2,000 year old racing arena was excavated in Muğla this week as part of the continuing preservation of the rich history of Turkey.

The arena, which was used for gladiator games in Muğla’s Yatak district, was once the site for the ancient city of Stratonikeia. Head of the excavation, Dr. Bilal Söğüt, a professor in the department of archaeology of Pamukkale University said: “We know gladiators lived in this time period, and we know their graves are here.”

Dr. Söğüt also said they first unearthed the opening blocks of the racing arena in 2009 when they were studying the city’s northern gate.  Söğüt said: “Finding the arena was a very important development.” The excavation was carried out by a team of more than 70 people, consisting of 30 archaeologists and 45 faculty members and students. Söğüt said: “We will be able to learn details such as what harnesses were like.”

With such a rich history in Turkey, and plenty of amazing sites to see, there have been many developments of late. The unearthing of the racing arena follows the restoration of an ancient theatre at Hieropolis and the restoration of the historic Mudanya Armistice House. This will surely provide amazing views for tourists in the area or people looking to invest in the Turkey property market.


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