Turkey Human Rights Commission to monitor racism in Europe

The Turkish Parliament’s Human Rights Investigation Committee has made an announcement that it will monitor racism in Europe towards European residents of Turkish origin.

Ayan Sefer Üstün, Committee president, said that they had launched a new program to monitor the course of the investigation into the shootings in Norway. Üstün also commented that they were in contact with the Dutch authorities regarding the death of a Turkish immigrant in a Dutch prison.

Üstün also stated that he believed that European politicians should start to question themselves and their immigration policies in light of the increase in the number of reports of Turkish nationals being killed in prison due to suspected police brutality.

Üstün said: “As the Turkish Parliament’s Human Rights Committee, we are drafting a report on the reasons for increasing hostility toward Turks in Europe and on the possible measures that can be taken to combat it. We will meet with European parliamentary officials and get involved in the efforts to curb increasing racism in Europe.” The committee is planning on sending a delegation to various European countries in order to combat this.

The committee president felt that racism played a role in the obstacles Turkey faced in its application for EU membership. Üstün said: “Particularly the French and German politicians have a huge responsibility in this. The came up with double-standards and unimaginably irrational obstacles to block Turkey’s membership in order to maintain the dual-hegemony they enjoy over the EU. These irrational efforts and attitudes of politicians secretly feed racist violence and hostility against Turks. The increasing number of attacks targeting Muslims, particularly Turks, including setting homes on fire and murdering innocent people, are all happening because of these damaging policies.”

Admitting that Turkey themselves did not have a perfect history with this, Üstün felt that Turkey had made rapid improvements of late, he said: “Unfortunately, such things have happened in our country in the past. But Turkey is rapidly moving away from this shame. Our police stations are becoming increasingly transparent. It is the subject of a profound investigation that as Turkey progresses so rapidly in this department, people are subject to torture in European police stations. We truly hope that our European friends will also make the necessary effort to rid themselves of this shame and make a sincere contribution to the investigation we will be conducting.” Turkey has been introducing new measures in fighting terrorism lately and has called on Europe to unite to beat terrorism.


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