Minority newspapers to get grants

Following a meeting with the Press Bulletin Authority (BIK), newspapers run by minorities of Turkey are optimistic of the future of their publications.

Work was already underway for minority newspapers to gain a share of official bulletins, with local authorities paying publications to print.

Yasin Aras, the communication advisor for BİK, told the Hürriyet Daily News: “Necessary measures will be taken from now on so as to prevent the abuse of financial grants. Fake publications could appeal for aid; the grants must go to the right channels.”

Aras went on: “The reports deal with the question of how to make local media more vigorous. The reports have been translated. The work in question will be brought up in the board meeting of the Press Bulletin Authority in August.”

The chief editors of Jamanag (Time), Apoyevmatini and Shalom said the meeting took place in a very positive atmosphere and that they had been very effective. They said: “They listened to our views, they had conducted preliminary studies anyway.” This is a great development in Turkey and will ensure the survival of some of the oldest publications in Turkey. Turkey recently announced plans to help young entrepreneurs and this announcement is another sign of the help received by businesses in Turkey.

Grants that will be handed to minority publications will have to be explained to the public as to ensure that they are worthy grants, and both the President and the Prime Minister had a positive attitude towards the project.

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