Hillary Clinton praises Turkish economic growth

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has praised the performance of the Turkish economy stating that 11 percent growth rate is impressive.

Clinton said during a televised coffee house event in Istanbul: “The 11 percent growth rate is phenomenal, one of the highest in the world … And what I hope is that Turkey will become an engine for economic growth in the region.”

According to Clinton, Turkey is now considered a regional and global player. Clinton was impressed with Turkey’s efforts to engage in not only regional problems but global issues too.

She also stated that there was no need for Turkey to shift from west to east. Clinton said: “Turkey is so strategically located between east and west. As an outsider, I have always thought the debate is a debate without real meaning to it because why would you give up one for another? You can look both ways and to me that is an incredible advantage.”

Clinton said that the economic success that Turkey as experienced and the political change that has occurred in Turkey might be an inspiration for other countries around the world, including regional countries that could benefit from asking Turkey for some support.

Turkey is currently a country that many will look to with envy. The economic situation and the developments in Turkey currently have the rest of Europe looking on in admiration.


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