Turkish government to help young Turkish entrepreneurs

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergun has announced that under a new government initiative, 30 young Turkish entrepreneurs will be sent to the famous Silicon Valley in the US every year.

He said: “If anyone says they have developed a new technology and are ready to manufacture it and put it to the market, we will support them.” Silicon Valley is known in the US as a famous spot for technology. It is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations such as Google, eBay, and Apple.

Ergun went on to say: “We will give them a place in a technopark. They will establish their own company with a minimum of expenditure. We will give grants of 100,000 Turkish liras.” The plan is to double the number of grants in 2012 – a sign of the strength of the current Turkish economy.  

Speaking of what he hoped to gain from this, Ergun said: “I believe there are many Bill Gates among these young entrepreneurs.” With so much faith being placed in young Turkish entrepreneurs, this is really a huge opportunity for the youth of Turkey to shine and opportunities like this will not come around often. Ergun summarised: “I saw this potential in the young people. Turkey’s future lies in this generation.”

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